Faith Academy


Faith Academy is an opportunity to explore the wonderful Word of God!  Currently, two sections of Faith Academy are available. Pastor Syd Osenbaugh leads “Extravagant Grace”, a study into the depths of God’s love for His children; this group meets in the sanctuary. Pastor Scott Osenbaugh is teaching in depth on the Holy Spirit in the “School of the Supernatural”, meeting in the Fellowship Hall. Both groups begin at 9:10 AM, and you’re invited to get some coffee or some hot chocolate at the kitchen portal in the Fellowship Hall before heading to either of the groups.

Faith Academy was designed for the one purpose of helping people grow in their knowledge of the Word of God. Both group opportunities will provide ample instances of searching through the Word, as well as discussion, question-and-answer, and time to work through the often puzzling and sometimes difficult issues that can be raised. The goal is to help all believers — and even those who are not yet believers in Christ — to find answers, to explore the truth that Jesus said will set people free!

If you want more info on either of the group gatherings in Faith Academy, please speak to one of the pastors, or call 618-327-6195 or 618-327-6141. Know that if you are reading this, you are invited to join in at Faith Academy

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